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The Tote Bag Not Just For Women

Tote Bag

21 Jul The Tote Bag Not Just For Women

The Tote Bag Not Just For Women

Mens leather tote bag

The Tote Bag For Men

There have been calls of late for the man in all of us to lose the briefcase and backpacks and take up the extra large ‘murse’. Some prefer the messenger bag, some prefer the old ways of the leather briefcase.

Either way we look at it, there are nice alternatives sprouting up everywhere, so we need to ask ourselves, is it ok for a man to carry a tote or Is the tote bag solely the domain of the female??

Origins Of The Tote Bag

The origins of the tote bag can be traced back to 1944, originally developed by low and behold a man by the name of LL Bean for the prime usage of carrying large blocks of ice back and forth from his truck, it was called the ‘bean ice Carrier’, original name, i know but this is the roots of the tote bag that we see adorning every runway and shop front, whether it is pasted with high end logos, made of canvas or even a beautiful leather tote bag.

The tote bag is a handy accessory to have, whether you’re on your way to university, laptop plus the 100 other devices one needs to carry these days, on your way to do some shopping, finally helping to ease the modern day convenience and blight on our society of plastic bags, or to the gym or ++++ anyway you look at this shaped bag, it is a perfect companion for any outing, so why are men so scared to be dangling one of these of our shoulders?

Mens Leather Carry All

Mens Leather Carry All

I don’t know a mate that doesn’t like to give his mate a good ribbing every now and then, and this leather bag is a good opening for the boys down the pub to start digging deep with some good ammunition, maybe it’s the glint of adoration, or maybe it could be their secret envy, or it might just be they don’t like it all that is fine until the drinks move back to someone’s house and the need to carry some fresh stocks back from the pub arises..

Using Your Tote Bag

The fact of the matter these days is, we have a lot of devices and crap to cart around at any one time, historically it was the relm of women who had to carry around a bunch of junk, and the design houses catered to that demand, so now in between our ipads and headphones, maybe gym gear etc etc, is the tote bag to ‘feminie’ as opposed to a backpack or messenger bag., I believe it is not, obviously the design needs to be slicked up somewhat, and given some ‘manly’ curves to help bounce some of the ‘fairy/manly’ criticisms.

This is what we are trying to solve here at Imperial Exports HQ. We will keep you posted.


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