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05 Dec Crocodile Leather Wallet with Card Holder

Harry Houdini: Genuine Crocodile Leather Wallet with Card Holder Harry Houdini Crocodile Leather Wallet. Named after one of the great magicians, I found this namesake to be quite fitting as it still baffles all first time onlookers time and time again with its magical wallet skills. [vc_video link=''] Whilst...

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12 Oct Crocodile Hide Skin Leather

Crocodile Skin Leather By Imperial Exports An exotic Crocodile hides improve the value and aesthetic attraction of fine products like coats, bags, garments, Furnishings, wall hangings, boots and upholstery. The source of the exotic skins can be crocodile, alligator, python, ostrich or stingray. Tanning unique crocodile...

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