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Imperial Exports Rawkus tote is the perfect bag for ladies who dare to be different. This ‘carry all’ leather tote bag is a little bit more length than most tote bags.


The Rawkus has no lining just raw leather interior, giving it that semi raw/unfinished look. This tote has one big main compartment and is included with an interior zip pocket for phones, keys and purses, so you don’t have to go fishing around the bottom of the bag for your gear.


The Rawkus tote is your Imperial buddy for a day out shopping with the girls or a trip to the grocery store, this all while still looking stylish due to the leather tote’s nice line and shape.


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Tote Bags By Imperial Exports

The term tote or tate, meaning “to carry”, can be traced back to the 17th century but was not used to describe bags until 1900. Because they were easier than carrying luggage, most people opted for using tote. During the 1950s, tote bags began to enter into the main culture. Women primarily utilized them as practical handheld bags because they didn’t require much care. Today, fashion lovers and consumers can find tote bags in a variety of styles.

A tote bag is the most versatile bag you will ever own. There are hundreds of uses for a good tote bag, a large bag that you can take anywhere and fit anything into, and every woman should have at least one in their collection.

Imperial Exports Rawkus tote is the perfect bag for ladies who dare to be different.


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Dimensions 35 x 17 x 50 cm
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