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Simply place money within, close the wallet, pop it open the other side and presto, just like the grand master Houdini you secured your cash.

Whilst this wallet design has been around sometime, we have managed to fine tune its internal ‘money grabbing’ method to make it a more refined men’s leather accessory. The Houdini Wallet is encased with the finest genuine crocodile leather which gives that stylish look and classyfeel.

This fine crocodile leather wallet also contains four sloths for your credit and business cards. This makes it perfect for light traveling gentlemen, who like to impress without going over the top.

Special colours are available by request.


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Magic Wallet Design By Imperial Exports

We have managed to not only add some P.I.M.P. crocodilian flavor to the leather magic wallet but also fine tune its internal ‘money grabbing’ method a little as to make this wallet function as good as it looks. Building this leather wallet from our finest crocodile porous leather, this has become a favourite from our regular imperial clientele.

The inner workings of this leather magic wallet still manage to elude me.

Even after we have been constructing this style for some time, but for those not familiar with this style of wallet. One simply places their money inside, closes the wallet and reopens from the other side, and hey presto, the harry Houdini crocodile leather wallet does its magic and safely secures its de niros inside. This crocodile leather magic wallet also has four exterior card holders for business cards and credit cards.
We have Encased this leather magic wallet in crocodile leather we have to really give it that subtle yet stylish flavor that only crocodile can offer. The leathers motif exudes class yet keeps its undertones subtle as to not “show off” so to speak. With our IE stamp embossed into the leather over the top, there are no massive logos screaming out look at me, look at me. We let the crocodile leather speak for itself.
Stock Colours in this crocodile leather Harry Houdini wallet are a chocolate or black glazed finish.
Or special colours available on request depending on stock availability.
Size  10.5cm x7cm x 1cm

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Harry Houdini Magic Wallet

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Dimensions 7 x 1 x 10.5 cm
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