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Passport Wallet

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21 Apr Passport Wallet

The Imperial Passport Wallet

Our Passport Wallet isn’t your everyday piece of essential travel luggage as you can see. We have tricked it up a little to keep it to our Imperial motto, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

This passport wallet consists of one large main pocket, some card holders and a wrap around zip to help you get you documents in and out. The large pocket is big enough to hold all your print outs of tickets, passports and immigration cards, whilst also being the perfect size to slide into your pocket. Most people like to travel with their big double fold out wallet that doesn’t even fit in your pocket and holds all your crap from the last 10 trips on the road. We have broken down this piece of essential luggage to make it user friendly on the road, and still be compact and hold everything you need for a safe journey. Inside there are card holder spots and we have also added a exterior pocket to keep that boarding pass and passport at the ready for easy access moving through terminals and immigration lines. This piece has really taken all the ‘heavy lifting’ out of your traditional passport wallet and kept it simple and easy to use.

Our Subtle Passport Wallet

As with all our Imperial products, we like to offer the upper echelon version of our products with some crocodile leather trimming. Yeah we could have plastered the whole piece in crocodile, but then it would be damn expensive and not very subtle. We like subtlety and those that in the know will spot that little piece of the right stuff a mile away if you’re looking to get noticed.


Passport Wallet

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