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27 Jan Packing Tips

Packing For Your Trip

It is finally time for that semi business/pleasure trip you look out for, quite a while now. Let’s break it down, you have two meetings during a five day trip. The question is what should you take with you? And even more important, how will you carry everything with you? Should you bring a suitcase or a nice leather duffle bag with easy access pockets?

Packing For Your Trip – The Basics

Obviously you will need your basic clothing and toiletries, don’t you dare to forget packing your lucky cartoon/superhero themed underpants. So what’s next, should you pack for business or pleasure? Of course we are all very professional and start packing outfits for our free time first. Always keep in mind what you would like to do in your spare time. A must for sightseeing is comfortable footwear. If you love shopping don’t forget the accessories which help you to let people turn their heads, like your leather tote bag or your leather clutch bag. Of course for the beach persons among us always bring your beach towel and sunblock. Unfortunately we came to that boring point, start pack your suit and shirts for business, the best way to transport these goods are with travel suit bags. Especially a leather suit bag will protect your clothes not to wrinkle that much. Never forget you always want to travel light and mobile!


Over Packing For Your Trip

So you finally managed to select everything you need without over packing, congratulations, time for a well-deserved treat! However, don’t cheer just yet, the next part is as important. Everybody should want to look as fashionable as possible during their trip and still be comfortable. Let’s be honest leather luggage adds class to anybody and anything. A proper leather duffle bag is half of the work in this phase. Don’t forget you are staying there for a week, you need a bag with enough space and compartments to hold your stuff but small enough to fit in the plain overhead cabinets. This is crucial, because you want to avoid as much as possible queues and lines. If you are forced to stand in a line, do it with class and travel with leather luggage.

Just a couple of more things to do, pack everything, kiss your loved ones goodbye and your good to go. Enjoy your trip and get those new contracts!

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