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How To Choose The Right Bag

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25 Jan How To Choose The Right Bag

If you pay attention on the street you can use a bag to help you define a man, bags could tell you even more about a man than you might think. Over the past years carrying a bag or leather briefcase has changed allot for men. It isn’t just another piece of equipment to carry belongings from A to B anymore, his bag became an integrated style accessory whether it be some leather luggage, a dufflebag for the gym or a refined leather briefcase for work. In each accessory a fashionable man carries he sees a tiny part of his personality in it.

So now you know that there is more to carrying a bag as a man than initially thought. With this guide we at imperial exports want to help you in finding the right leather bag which can define your personality, style and interests. The following 4 steps will help decide. Besides following the 4-step guide always be selective, critical and conscious when making your purchase.

Know Yourself When Choosing A Bag

Easy, right? Not always unfortunately. Occasionally each of us buys something on an impulse, which isn’t wrong and you should always buy the gear you like if you have the money to spend on it. However, these impulsive buys don’t always fit to your personality and might not be used as often as you thought you will. You can’t hide the bag you carry easily, so everybody on the streets will see you with it. Obviously you want to look stylish and fashionable.

What Do You Carry In A Bag

What do you like to do and what kind of equipment do you need to carry with you for it? If you like to do weekend trips away it is wise to invest in a high quality dufflebag or leather overnighter. A good sized leather duffle bag helps you to carry everything you need for your trip anywhere, easily and with style. Or even go the next step with a full sized weekender just that little bit larger to help accommodate a special someone’s own attire and toothbrush.

Requirements You Need In A Bag

If you like to sit down and produce some sweet beats on your laptop the leather dufflebag with his one big main compartment is not your best friend. No worries, a backpack or even a leather messenger does the trick. You could fit your laptop, headphones and small synthesizer easily in the main compartments and use smart incorporated pockets to store the required cables and charger properly away.

Your Budget For Your New Bag

It’s always nice to be able to spend hundreds of dollars and buy the most exclusive bag made from exotic crocodile leather or python leather, but is that really the smartest thing to do? We doubt that, just go for that simpler leather version which brings you as much joy and class but saves you a great deal of hard earned money.

Next time you buy keep this easy 4-step guide in mind and focus on your personality, don’t follow all the trends but develop your own unique style.

Even though each person different from the other one, we all share one common thing, true love for our bags!

How To Choose The Right Bag

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