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Fine Leather Goods and Accessories

Fine leather goods

05 Dec Fine Leather Goods and Accessories

Imperial Exports’ Commitment to Fine Leather Goods and Accessories

At Imperial Exports HQ, we’d like to think of ourselves as a leather specialist production house. Whether we are pumping out our own line of custom luggages or spitting out our bespoke client built pieces for our many brands; producing fine leather goods and accessories is our first and foremost priority.

All our tailors and workmen are generational leather craftsmen, meaning their skills have been passed down through their fathers and their fathers before them. All our fine leather goods and accessories are handmade, giving each and every piece of leather a bit of soul and character as opposed to most of your mass produced bags you will find down your local shopping mall.

Every piece we produce tells a story, and you need only to listen. Whether we are working with some high end, hand milled crocodile leather that has had its thickness reduced by hand and blade for most of the day, right down through to a hide of a cow that has been individually trimmed and stitched to get that hair to sit right on a fold of the bag.

In crafting fine leather goods and accessories, the attention to detail is paramount. We would like to think that we have placed a subtle piece of our personality to each and every piece of art we have crafted, which is a testament to our artistry and commitment. And our end products speak for themselves.

Testing Our Fine Leather Goods

Most of our fine leather goods and accessories have been road tested and have undergone fine tuning lasting several phases. An Imperial product will have at least 4 or 5 generational tweaks and changes before we assign it to our page, ensuring that not only does the leather bag or luggage looks and feels good, but also practical and durable on the road.

Our workshop floors typically have a number of different products in production; from ladies handbags and clutches to shiny new leather jackets we are fooling around with, all the way through to some hybrid skin and leather cushion for a clients little Chihuahua to sleep on. Half of our produced pieces will never experience the Imperial stamp embedded upon them, but instead be branded under our clients specific needs and name.

That is the essence of my business, whether its been built to be the only stand alone piece of luggage in the world for you and you alone, or whether you think you might be able to make up a few pieces that your friends or associates will want to buy off of you. Or if you feel you would be more comfortable perusing through our own fine leather products, the choice is yours.

With the various brands we do leather production for, Asia based or Europe, Australia and even the States, they each inevitably bring their respective geographical perspective and taste to the table. This has allowed our team to experience first hand the many different broad tricks of the trade/techniques, which ultimately enables us to refine these for use in all our fine leather goods accessories for our Imperial clientele.

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