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Imperial Briefcase

This new piece of essential Imperial leather accessories has been crafted and road tested by some of our finest Imperial purveyors. We have finally decided to put this little number into production with the Imperial stamp of quality behind it. This leather briefcase is available in two different concepts, One standard design in beautiful nappa leather and the upper echelon alternative with some crocodile trimming, for the more discerning Imperial gentleman amongst us. So all that remains is which design is more in line with your style.

Making Our Briefcase

Built from a clients existing shape, we have incorporated the best ideas the shape had to offer, then added some typical imperial flavours on top like our standard hidden pockets and all our other bells and whistles.

We decided that for this leather briefcase to be useful it had to have pockets and the pockets had to have pockets, compartmentalize all that crap we carry around, helping to reduce the scratching of tablets and phones. It’s small enough to sling over the shoulder but beefy enough to carry all your essentials. This leather briefcase has been cleared by our road testers and tweaked to give that little bit extra that we like to think we bring to each Imperial piece of leather luggage.

The Briefcase – Old vs. New

There is a big disconnect in the market between beautiful old leather briefcases and the rise of laptop bags that come with your computer from the shop as acceptable pieces of luggage. We are helping to turn this tide with the ‘baby face nelson’ leather briefcase. If you’re serious about making that impression at the office, you have shelled out for that PIMP suit, the watches are dangling off your wrists, its time to ditch the messenger bag or that vinyl piece of crap they give you with your new laptop and upgrade to proper reason. People do notice, and its time to make a point, an Imperial Point.



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